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Packaged Software

Packaged Software

Construction Accounting Program

   With the accounting program we have prepared specifically for the construction and real estate sector, you can easily perform income and expense accounts, current transactions, check-voice transactions, site management, personnel management and salary tracking. By creating unlimited accounts, you can connect to the program from anywhere and control your account.

- Home page reporting processes
- Income and expense control with calendar feature
- Adding and calculating construction sites and categories
- Personnel tracking and salary transactions
- Adding current and current accounts
- Cash transactions
- Check and promissory note tracking
- Managing Checks and Promissory Notes (Consignment or collection transactions of checks and bills to other current clients, detailed history view)
- Material tracking and cost calculation
- Calculation of income and expense with detailed filtering
- Easy and understandable mobile-friendly interface design
- Current receipt and pdf creation
- Reporting and excel creation
- Security and daily backup service

Cost Calculation Program

   Product, part, raw material, personnel, invoice etc. Do not lose your sales thanks to the cost program that allows you to calculate the cost prices of your products in the most accurate way as a result of your expenses!

- You can follow your profit and loss ratio instantly.
- You will not be affected by the exchange rate change.
- You can add your products in the currency you want.
- You can determine the profit rate you want to make from your products.
- You can see your customer list with customer integration.
- You can give a timed price offer.
- You can send an offer to your customer with the create price offer feature.
- Automatic pdf offer submission thanks to mail integration.
- You can view past offers.
- Allows you to quickly quote your customers
- You can have quick access anywhere.

Data Backup Program

   Keep your information safe with personal data, files, ftp, database backup. Thanks to the backup program, we ensure that the information you specify is safely backed up to the areas you specify.

- File and SQL Database backup
- Local Backup (Backup feature to the desired directory on the installed computer)
- FTP backup to remote server (FTP backup to desired remote server)
- Cloud Backup (Google Drive cloud backup feature)
- Hosting a certain number of backup files (Ex: The ability to store the last 100 backup files. Automatically deletes old files after the specified number.)
- Ability to store backup files with the highest compression method in the most efficient way by compressing them with winrar
- Detailed information via e-mail instantly after the backup process (The ability to report the log file by e-mail in detail after the backup process)
- Ability to notify more than one e-mail address
- Ability to prevent backup from running at certain times
- Backup feature at desired time intervals (Ex: Every hour or once a day)

E-commerce Packages

Let's choose your product and concept together with ready-made e-commerce packages that may best suit your products. You can contact us for store e-commerce software where you can get order and payment reports by making your individual sales.

- Easy to use mobile compatible interface
- User registration procedures
- Basket and order processing
- Product listing and detail
- Variation infrastructure
- Campaign and discount features
- Dynamic management panel
- Role Management operations
- Detailed reporting processes