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Which Network Marketing Plan?

Network marketing also has major plans. These; The matrix plan is the unilevel plan and the building plan. Which plan you will implement in a network marketing system is one of the most important factors for continuity. Choosing the right network plan is the most important factor to bring the right growth.

The content of your network marketing project will be a priority in determining the plan. The product or service you sell, the sector you are in, and the amount you earn in this area will contribute to creating the right plan. In cases where you sell a product as a manufacturer, the preferred plan is usually the binary plan. Unilevel plan is the most common plan we base on the service sector. The Matrix plan, on the other hand, allows entrepreneurs to create different plans by making changes with their unique plans or to use the multiple-phase plan at the same time.

The most important factor here is to determine some conditions while creating these plans. The conditions you set are created in order to increase the sales of your members or dealers, and the correct distribution of your earnings is specified in order not to harm your business. You can determine your plan with the correct calculations and according to the sector you are in. Each network marketing plan has its own positive sides.

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