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What is the Admob 'Ad serving restricted' warning?

The number of ads that you can display in the policy center of your Admob account is written, it writes information, and since there are no ads coming to your application, complaints have increased and searched for a solution.

First of all, you are experiencing this problem due to invalid traffic in your admob account. Invalid traffic means artificial user traffic that you create to increase your earnings in your application. Some of these are to display advertisements very frequently in your application, to make money for users by watching ads. Other admob invalid traffic transactions are as follows;

* Clicks or impressions from publishers who click on their own active ads
* Duplicate ad clicks and impressions generated by one or more users
* Encouraging publishers to click on their own ads (examples include language usage that encourages users to click on ads, ad apps that can cause a large number of accidental clicks, etc.)
* Automatic clicking tools or traffic sources, robots and other deceptive software

Many ways can be tried to solve the ad limitation, for example creating new ads, changing the ads.txt file or creating a new admob account will not bring any results. The most accurate process is to wait for the account to be reviewed, if you have done illegal traffic in your application, editing these transactions is important for the continuity of your application.