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What is ERC20 Token?

All tokens in the Ethereum network must follow certain rules; that is, it must comply with the necessary rules in token applications that are accepted as ERC20 tokens. These are crypto assets or crypto tokens that can be traded, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, but tokens do not have their own blockchains, unlike cryptocurrencies. It is included in the blockchains of Ethereum.

When you send an ERC20 token, which does not have a block chain, with the cost of GAZ, you must own some Ethereum.
There will be eth deduction from you in the submissions.

With Ethereum, the introduction of the ERC20 standard changed things and became much more modern. Also, the standard like ERC20 has many more advantages:

• Uniform technology and protocol standard was provided.

• It made all types of token applications more understandable.

• Increased liquidity of ERC20 tokens.

• There is little risk of breaking contracts.

By contracting with Etherscan, you can generate your own ERC20-based token and use this token by integrating it into the systems you want. You can follow every step of your token transactions and manage your transactions through Etherscan.