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Site and Construction Accounting Software

You can keep your income and expenses under control with the basic accounting program, where you can control the accounts of your construction sites separately, as well as make your total calculations with the general cash control. You can follow the checks and bills in your hand, as well as endorse the checks or bills to someone else, and you can check these transactions from the check and promissory note detail.

   With the basic accounting calculation of your construction company, you can easily perform transactions such as total cash information, construction site information, current addition, service addition and personnel tracking. In this way, you can filter your expenditures such as iron, concrete, furniture, fountain, tile that you have made at your construction site and control your product-based expenditure. Thanks to our web and mobile compatible program, you can use it from wherever you are and follow your accounts.

- Cash transactions (Payment and Collection)
- Check and Promissory Note Transactions
- Current Accounts
- Construction Site Operations
- Personnel Transactions
- Adding services
- Role Management Operations
- Web and Mobile Compatible Interface