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Product Network Marketing Software

Combined with the product content of network marketing software, it is a web platform where the organization (user) network created as a result of the sale of a product on the internet, its revenues and payments are tracked.

Products offered to users in product network software usually have a point value. The score, which is formed according to the product received by scoring the products, constitutes the package of the user. Users can use the products they have purchased themselves, or they can also sell them. Users who are dealers (who buy packages) earn income from their sales because they can buy prices more appropriately.

The quality of the product, which is essential in product network marketing software, is that it is for a salable user base and needs. Secondly, it is important that new users join and expand the dealer network with the earnings plan it offers to its users.

Organization systems used in product network marketing software; Unilevel and Binary system are used at the same time. In addition to these, there are a few items of earning opportunities consisting of career earnings and bonus earnings for users. In this system, users are asked to fulfill certain conditions by presenting them. The most important condition is the activity condition required from the users. The condition of activity is one of the most important criteria for the functioning of the system.

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