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Network Marketing What?

Network marketing, also known as network marketing, is a commercial activity and marketing method for companies, while a business is a structure for users. Companies use the method of promoting and selling their products to individuals through the network marketing method. In this way, without intermediaries such as distributors and wholesalers, the producer and the individuals are in direct communication, and the user who makes the sale gets direct profit.

There are many earning structures for individuals in network marketing. Firms can not only make a profit to the seller, but also offer promotion and profit structures for the sale of the product with earnings such as reference, pool and region. For companies, individuals are advertising, promoting products, and thus, marketing is an effective method for companies that want to sell and spread their products in a short time.

As it is an income gate that they will provide additionally for users, the preferred network marketing structure provides both the opportunity to use the products and gain money by recommending them to the people around them. In this case, many people do network marketing works as an additional job, as well as those who earn serious income by doing network marketing work entirely outside the additional job.

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