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Listing on Exchanges - Cryptocurrency, coin, token

The transactions required for the listing of the tokens or coins you have produced on national exchanges vary according to the rules and wishes of each exchange. In coin or token listing transactions, requests such as contract information, website and white paper are prepared and presented to the stock market as a result of the negotiations with the stock exchanges.

    As Elit Creative, we serve token or coin listing transactions through our solution partners in national stock markets. We determine the requirements of the crypto money to be listed and ensure that the needs are determined by interviewing the stock market. Since the reliability of the interviewee is one of the most important criteria, we perform security tests and determine the necessary form and contract needs until the last moment in the listing process.

Among the stock exchanges we have agreements with;

Latoken Exchange
Lbank Exchange
B2B Exchange
CoinTiger Exchange

    We provide services to review the conditions included in the listing packages that the exchanges will offer you. Exchanges offer a package of requests such as the requirement to make a certain volume daily or monthly, to appeal to a certain audience and user. The listing packages of the exchanges include various packages such as offering volume support, advertising on the stock market on all platforms, and the opportunity to be listed in more than one parity. As a result of the negotiations we have made with the exchanges with which we have an agreement with the price list included in the packages, we can receive service at a discount.

   After listing for token and coin exchanges, negotiations continue and it is necessary to manage some requests or requests from them. You can contact our company to follow the listing process processes.