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How to Create a Unity Ads Payment Profile?

Unity Ads, unlike other advertising agencies, requests more detailed information from you for receiving payments. This information is the process of verifying your profile for unity ads to pay your mobile application earnings. Let's examine the information that Unity Ads wants to pay;

To verify your Unity ads payment information, your application must first have made a profit. If your app has not made a profit, you will not be able to see your payment account verification page.

Click on the 'Finance' field for Unity Ads Payment Profile Verification and you can start creating your payment profile by clicking the 'Go to Payout Profile' button on the page that opens.

Information requested in Unity Ads Payment Profile Verification;

Bank Name, Recipient Name Surname, Bank İban, Swift Code, Address, Zip Code, Date of Birth

Swift Code: Swift code is required to send money in foreign or domestic bank accounts in foreign currency. Since you will receive your payment in dollars, you need to write the swift code. You can learn from your bank.

Is your account an individual account when you complete this information? a corporate account? There are a few question sections like. After completing these, your account will be checked and approved within a few days.