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How to Add Admob Ads to Your Application?

If you want to earn revenue from your application, the mobile application advertising agency that comes to our mind is Admob. Mobile app revenue is more remarkable than other platforms, and the frequency of ad submissions is also higher than its competitors. Now we will examine what needs to be done in your Admob account to add Admob ads to your application.

First you need to open an admob account with your gmail account. If your application is live by saying add an application to the opened account, select the application and continue by typing the name of your application if it is not live. You have to choose whether you create the ad you will create for your application for iOS or Android.

You select the application you added and click on the Ad Units section. In this area, you will see Banner, Interstitial, Award Winning, and Local Advanced advertisement types. Select the ad unit you want to create. Type the ad name and press the add button, you will see the codes you need to add the type of ad you have chosen. With these codes and by following the admob instructions, place it in the area where you want the ad to appear.

You must do this separately for each type of advertisement. The purpose of each ad unit is different from each other. You can review our other articles about the usage purposes of Admob ad units.