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How is Admob Payment Lower Limit Changed?

With the ad platform that Admob application developers use to generate revenue, developers earn money from Admob. Admob has set the lower limit of payment as 200 TL. He does not make payments under 200 TL to your bank account. So, can you change the lower limit payment in your Admob account?

You can change the amount of payment you want to receive monthly in your payment settings in your Admob account. Developers can ask them to post Admob payments in their accounts or send their admob earnings at a higher payment amount. Payment amount can be changed in Admob.

When you log into your Admob account, you click on the 'PAYMENTS' heading from the left menu. In this header, you can view details such as your payment details and bank information earnings. When you come to the 'MANAGE SETTINGS' section under the 'SETTINGS' heading on the payment page, you can change the Admob payment lower limit above 200 TL.