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Elite Software and Design Office

   Elit Software Office has a customer portfolio of more than 200 with the software services it offers to corporate-scale businesses. In addition to its services such as costing program, backup program, accounting program, construction site tracking program, it also offers services in the fields of corporate web software, mobile application software, e-commerce software, integration systems, b2b systems, network marketing software, blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence technology. . Elit Yazilim has the distinction of being one of the first companies to offer software development services with Blockchain technology in Turkey. With dozens of companies with which it has established business development partnerships, it provides support in areas such as project management, consultancy service, advertising, and corporate identity acquisition.

    The company, which entered the Mobile Game industry in 2019, is used by more than 200,000 users with Mami's Adventures, Dong Dong, Maminin Games, Tales and Stories applications published under the name Elitcreative.

    In March 2021, it started to provide export support to companies with the Brixgo brand. The brand, which provides communication and shipping support for manufacturers who want to send products from Turkey to many parts of the world, has succeeded in establishing an active trade network with 6 countries in the world.

    Elit Yazilim, which provides services to many cities of Turkey with hundreds of customers today, advances its studies on artificial intelligence and continues its efforts to expand its service area.