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Costing Software

With the costing program, you can easily update the prices of all your products in the price changes of the products or parts you have purchased. You can create your account more accurately thanks to the program that calculates all your costs, such as multiple products, personnel, workplace expenses.

Advantages of the costing program;

- You can follow your profit and loss ratio instantly.
- You will not be affected by the exchange rate change.
- You can add your products in the currency you want.
- You can determine the profit rate you want to make from your products.
- You can see your customer list with customer integration.
- You can give a timed price offer.
- You can send an offer to your customer with the create price offer feature.
- Automatic pdf offer submission thanks to mail integration.
- You can view past offers.
- Allows you to quickly quote your customers
- You can have quick access anywhere.

Buy a costing program now and easily calculate the cost of your products. You can contact our company for costing software. Free trainings are provided by our team to our customers who take the program.