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Construction Accounting Program

With the software we have developed for accounting follow-up suitable for the construction industry, you can easily perform your construction site addition and current account, material tracking and expense calculation, flat and current management operations. Your company's account is under control with the accounting program where you can easily follow your construction company's check and promissory notes.

   With the sectoral accounting program developed on a web-based basis, it provides the opportunity for companies serving in the field of construction to be used easily and to manage their transactions from wherever they are. With the accounting program, income and expenses can be seen in detail, as well as allowing them to follow the construction site income and expenses with the construction site or material filters. Thanks to the material tracking, you can filter and view the account of all expenses such as iron, tiles, plaster or concrete spent on your construction site.

   Thanks to the area created for personnel expenses, we enable you to keep your personnel tracking, salary and advance expenses under control. The accounting program, which allows easy management of personnel by adding them to the system, provides a detailed view of your account.

   Thanks to the weekly calendar on the main page, you can also view the weekly income and expenses on the calendar. You can view all your income and expense statements that you have made in the past weeks or in the past years, thanks to the construction accounting program.

* Home page reporting operations
* Income and expense control with calendar feature
* Adding and calculating construction sites and categories
* Personnel tracking and salary transactions
* Current adding and current accounts
* Cash transactions
* Check and promissory notes
* Managing Checks and Promissory Notes (Conversion of checks and bills to other current clients or collection transactions, detailed history view)
* Material tracking and cost calculation
* Calculation of income and expense with detailed filtering
* Easy and understandable interface