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Coin Software

Cryptocurrency software allows users to track the transfers of transactions made from their virtual wallets or exchanges. Users can evaluate these coins by purchasing, using in games or staking with the produced coin or token software.

Examples of coin software are infrastructures such as etherscan, tronscan or blockchain. With this structure, you can access a lot of information such as tracking your transfers, wallet inquiries, balance, transfer fees. The fact that the control is done by everyone is the most important factor that ensures the security of a network. You can also provide users with the opportunity to generate tokens by using the infrastructure of your own software that you have created in crypto money software. In this way, users who produce tokens using your infrastructure provide you with income as long as they are traded.

Token software, on the other hand, is produced using an existing infrastructure, unlike a real coin software. Among these software, the most popular ethereum, tron, bnb networks are preferred.

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