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Backup Program

Keep your information safe with personal data, files, ftp, database backup. Thanks to the backup program, we ensure that the information you specify is safely backed up to the areas you specify. You can learn the results of your backup operations by e-mail, and in case the file size is high, you can compress the files with winrar and back up.

Backup Program Features

- File and SQL Database backup
- Local Backup (Backup feature to the desired directory on the installed computer)
- FTP backup to remote server (FTP backup to desired remote server)
- Cloud Backup (Google Drive cloud backup feature)
- Hosting a certain number of backup files (Ex: The ability to store the last 100 backup files. Automatically deletes old files after the specified number.)
- Ability to store backup files with the highest compression method in the most efficient way by compressing them with winrar
- Detailed information via e-mail instantly after the backup process (The ability to report the log file by e-mail in detail after the backup process)
- Ability to notify more than one e-mail address
- Ability to prevent backup from running at certain times
- Backup feature at desired time intervals (Ex: Every hour or once a day)

The backup program is one of the most important needs in order to keep the data safely and to quickly replace the losses that may occur. You can take advantage of many advantages of the backup program by performing this process automatically.

To have the Elit Creative Backup Program, contact our company immediately and ensure your security!